The Fijian word for family is VUVALE.

Here at Fijian BBQ we want to make sure that the Fijian values of VUVALE resonate with your experience!

What does it mean for you when you visit?

We want you to join the family!

Food is at the center of the Fijian family experience. We get to spend time with the ones we love, eating the food we love, made with the ingredients we love.

What does it mean for us and how we do business?

All of our meat products are 100% Halal and sourced from either locally owned businesses or directly from the South Pacific region.
We want to source our food in a way that supports the communities who support us!
The meals we prepare are served in eco-friendly packaging with eco-friendly utensils and materials.

We want to be mindful of the connection we have with the Earth and ensure we aren’t adding to the waste found throughout the world today.

the Fijian experience

What does it mean for Fijian culture in America?

Just like any family, we want to feel represented in the bigger picture of American culture. We want to be the bridge between this great country and our homeland, bringing good food and positive vibes to you. 

To say it simply, we want a seat at the table.

So, come on in and have a seat at our table. Welcome to the VUVALE!